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Code of Conduct

TLDR: When using this server it's important to realise that the community at large does not tolerate bigoted and discriminatory comments about anyone else, whether a minority or a majority. Mastodon at large prefers if people use content warnings for topics such as abuse, depression, suicide, nudity or graphic imagery.

  • Access to mgub.yt is restricted to individuals who are aged 18 or over. This isn't a server with adult content, but this is to ensure that I am within the GDPR requirements, and that there's maturity in the local community and the federation as a whole.
  • The following content will be removed from the public timeline by admins or moderators:
    • Untagged posts about topics which could require a content warning.
    • Untagged nudity, pornography or otherwise sexually explicit content.
    • Untagged (tame) graphic violence. Extreme graphic violence or gore will be deleted whether tagged or untagged.
  • The following types of content will be removed from the public timeline and will also be followed-up with potential account suspension:
    • Discrimination of someone because of their sex, ethnicity or nationality (or advocation of such).
    • Discrimination of someone because of their gender or sexual orientation (or advocation of such).
    • Extreme nationalism and xenophobia.
  • This server is hosted in Canada by a British citizen, in the interests of keeping everyone safe, content which is illegal in Canada, Britain or the United States will be deleted and the user suspended.
    • Please note that if content hasn't been removed, please contact one of the server admins who will be more than happy to assist.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy of harassment on this server. If anyone feels harassed by a user on this server or in the fediverse, contact an admin and the appropriate action may be taken.

Of course, the administrators reserve the right to suspend anyone at any time for any reason, except as limited by law. If you believe you have been incorrectly suspended for any reason, contact an admin through the designated email address.

Hosting Information

This server is hosted in conjunction with all my other projects on a dedicated server by So You Start (OVH). If this is a problem with you then this server is not for you. Cloudflare is the intermediary between the server and the outside world for added extra protection. SSL is provided by Let's Encrypt. While I endeavour to keep Mastodon up, financial troubles hit everyone. In the unlikely event that the server needs to be shut down or downsized to suit the needs of the owner financially, the owner will endeavour to get in touch with the relevant users.

Protecting Data

The server is protected with a pretty bog-standard setup which is industry standard. This section won't go in to detail how security is implemented with the server but those with access to the server have been vetted and are personally trusted by the owner.